LOL Calgary: Food menu and catering services

LOL Calgary: Food menu and catering services

Preparing the menu for your special event can seem like a daunting task. There are a lot of things that you need to consider for you to have the best party. However, you don’t have to shoulder the burden of planning your party’s menu alone. Here at LOL Calgary, we can offer you an amazing deal with our catering services! 

We can make your party the best that it can be with palatable dishes that can excite your guests just as much as our awesome activities. Moreover, we have professionals ready to prepare your requested food menu for your party. If you’re still not decided on what you want for your party menu, you can check out our house specialties and find which dishes work best for you. Check out our food menu below: 

Food menu: LOL Calgary house specialities

Looking for the best foods to serve at your special event? Look no further! Check out our list of house specialities at LOL Calgary and pick your best bets for an amazing party menu. Here’s our list of foods that can spice up your party: 

  • Deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are an amazing choice for party food since it is compact and easy to eat. Plus, it tastes heavenly despite its name! Our special deviled eggs are filled with herbs and spices that lend an amazing flavour to the dish. We also offer different variations with chipotle peppers, crabs, and bacon. 

  • Bacon cheddar potato skin

This savoury dish is perfect for any party, even the kids will love it! It is made of potato skins filled with cheese, bacon, and a dollop of sour cream. Serving this on your event will surely excite your guests and create an amazing culinary experience for everyone. 

  • Cream cheese cookie cups 

Don’t want to opt for regular cakes? Try our delicious cream cheese cookie cups! This yummy cookie bites combine the slightly salty taste and sweet flavour of freshly baked cookies and the creamy goodness of cream cheese filling. Your guests are sure to jump in delight with this tasty treat as your dessert. 

  • Garlic bread 

Garlic breads are basically the recipe for an awesome party. These tasty pastries are simple yet so satisfying with its amazing fusion of flavours. To make our special garlic bread, we use freshly baked baguette sliced horizontally and baked until the exterior is crunchy. We then cover it with butter and spice it up with garlic flavours and parsley. Try it out on your next party here at LOL Calgary. 

  • Tortilla and salsa

If you are looking for the perfect finger food for your party this is definitely it. Our tortilla and salsa dish is a match made in heaven meant to make your party perfect. You can munch on some of these snacks before heading out to play games on our entertainment section. 

  • Burgers

This amazing dish is a nod to the kids and the child at heart. Burgers may not be the fanciest food for a party, but it is definitely an item on your menu that everyone can enjoy. Here at LOL Calgary, we serve burgers that are sure to tickle your guests’ palate with its rollercoaster of flavours! 

  • Pizza  

The star of every birthday party, aside from the cake, is, of course, pizza! This mouthwatering dish is simple, easy to eat, and definitely satisfying. It offers a sea of flavours in just one bite. Having this delicacy at your party is 100% guaranteed to satisfy your guests. 

Now that we have the food covered, let us show you the things you need to consider when ordering any catering services. We want to make your party an amazing time for you and your chosen guests so please consider this list before booking our catering service.

Things to consider when ordering catering 

Organizing a catering service for your party doesn’t have to be hard. Let us show you the best practices to do to avoid common missteps in catering. Here, we will share to you the ten things that you need to consider when organizing for a catering service. Use this 10 step guide to avoid common pitfalls and prepare a meal order that will delight your guests. 

  1. Understand your demographic

As a party host, you should take an effort in knowing your guests. Always consider who you are serving and where you are holding the party. Think about where your guests are coming from. Ask yourself what kind of meals they need. Determine who you are trying to satisfy and keep their needs at the forefront of your order. 

  1. Consider the venue

Consider where you are holding your event. Try to see if the food you chose fits the theme of your venue. Also, it will be helpful to consider how you will place the food around the area of the venue. 

  1. Establish a budget

Before taking things too far down the stream, you need to consider how much you’re willing to spend. Set a budget that won’t burn a hole in your pockets. You must remember to work around the amount you set and not get overboard with your spending. It will be helpful if you can discuss this budget with the caterers at least a month before your event. 

  1. Know how much to order

Knowing how much food you want to order for your catering needs correlates with the number of guests you have on your list. Always match the amount of food you serve with the number of people you invite to your special event. It is a rule of the thumb to give at least ten allowances to your order to ensure that you won’t fall short in your party. 

  1. Set the time 

You need to make clear when you want the food to be served. It is unwise to keep food out in the open if you plan to do a few activities first. Make sure that you talk to the caterers and set a clear time on when you want your dishes to be delivered to your tables. Alert the servers at least 30 minutes before serving time to give yourself a buffer in case of problems in the catering. 

  1. Consider your set up 

Picture how you want your food to be set up. Do you want them sitting out at a buffet table, or do you want them served individually. It is up to you to decide what will work best for your party. When you finally made up your mind on what you want for your event, you are free to discuss your set up with the caterers so they can work according to your request. 

  1. Imagine the flow of the space

Are you going to have your meal in the cafe, at the main halls, or the resting area? There is a difference in knowing where you place the food and where you want to hold your meal. Imagine the flow of your guests and see if you need to make a few tweaks on your set up. 

If you’re planning for a buffet-style meal, make sure that there will be no bottlenecks in certain food sections that will disturb the other guests. The best way to do this is to set up the dishes according to how the guests pick their food. You may follow the traditional flow of entrée food followed by a side dish and then dessert set up. 

  1. Set up with perfection 

Making your tables and event set up organized is the first step to a successful party. If you are aiming for a buffet set up, make sure that the plates and utensils are arranged in an organized manner. You can set these dining wares in a place beside the buffet table to make it easier for guests to locate. 

After setting up your utensils, you can lay out your food in this order: protein, salad, starch, and additional dishes. Keep the desserts and other finger foods as a separate treat for after the main course.  

  1. Space out food and drink stations

Keep the food and drink tables separate from each other. You need to remember that anywhere where there is a high concentration of people slows down the flow of the party and the mealtime. It will be helpful to set up the tables at least a few feet apart to give your guests enough room to move around and pick their food. 

  1.  Clean up

This step depends on where you organize your event. Some venues require guests to clean up after their own and some have a trash solution prepared. Here at LOL Calgary, our staff is prepared to clean up the place after your party so you wouldn’t have to spoil the fun by setting the place up after your event.