LOL Calgary: Drink menu

LOL Calgary: Drink menu 

Charge up your energy after an exhausting day in our entertainment centre with a glass of our best beverages. Our talented staff at LOL Calgary have prepared a selection of exciting new drinks that both children and adults can enjoy. 

From glow-in-the-dark drinks to colour-changing beverages, all the way down to a regular cup of hot chocolate, these crowd-pleasers will surely entice you to a refreshing time here at LOL Calgary. Discover what we have to offer in our drink menu below: 

Freshen up with these cool drinks!

  • Drink #1: Refreshing watermelon lemonade

Watermelon and lemonade are two of the most powerful combinations when it comes to refreshing drinks. You can serve this bright coloured beverage any time of the day for an instant revitalizing feeling. 

  • Drink #2: Magical colour-changing drink

Have a magical time at our cafe with this awesome drink that can change colours! This beverage is served with a little food colour at the bottom of the cup and hidden by several ice cubes. Be amazed as it turns your colourless drink into a colourful beverage! 

  • Drink #3: Banana-berry smoothie with meringue

If you want a healthier drink option, you can try this delicious banana-berry smoothie! It has an amazing fruity flavour with the perfect balance of the mellow banana taste and pungent berry flavour. This surprisingly tasty drink is sure to be a delightful treat regardless of your age group.

  • Drink #4: Glow-in-the-dark drinks 

Tired of your regular beverage? Give this glow in the dark drink a try! This amazing beverage glows like magic and it is completely safe to drink even for the kids. It is made with tonic water that contains quinine, which makes your drink glow when exposed to black light. Turn down the light and have a refreshing sip of this cool drink beverage.

  • Drink #5: Arctic shark glacier punch

Give your drink a little twist with this beautiful Arctic shark glacier drink. This special beverage from our drink menu is made with blue coloured soda and shark gummies. For a glacier and Arctic look, we also top it off with a few ice cubes. 

  • Drink #6: Candy apple punch

Don’t let yourself settle for a boring mocktail! Have a sip of this sweet and delicious candy apple punch on our cafe. This tasty beverage is made with 100% natural fruit juices and cinnamon candies for an added sweetness to your drink. Enjoy this refreshment after doing some fun activities in our entertainment centre for an instant boost of energy.  

  • Drink #7: Frosty orange smoothie

Have a festive appeal to your drink with this frosty orange smoothie. This sweet beverage is the perfect alternative to your regular sugary drinks. Moreover, it can instantly bring you a refreshing feeling with just one sip. Enjoy this drink and all the others here at LOL Calgary!