Events we cater to

In a person’s life, there’s always going to be important occasions that need celebrating. No matter what kind of event it is, as long as it’s significant to them, they will find a way to remember it for the rest of their lives. 

Here at LOL Calgary, we tend to consider each type of event as important as the others regardless of a person’s age. If you want to take an occasion to the next level, hire LOL Calgary to provide high-quality party favours to your guests. Our services cater to a wide range of events you can hold such as birthday parties, christenings, anniversaries and more. 

However, even the most uncommon type of event is also possible with LOL Calgary. Discover the types of events we cater to below:

Birthday parties 

Birthdays are arguably the most celebrated occasions in people’s lives. No matter what age a person is, families and friends tend to remember the birthday of their loved ones. 

Here at LOL Calgary, we take birthdays seriously because we believe that each person deserves to be celebrated and appreciated. For birthdays, there are tons of party favours you can choose from and they can range from gift bags for kids and scented candles for adults.

Wedding anniversaries 

Wedding anniversaries are milestones in a couple’s lives, so it’s only important to provide memorable souvenirs to guests. At LOL Calgary, most of the wedding anniversaries we cater are for couples who have reached 50 years together. But we also accept inquiries for couples who have been together for a short while because we believe that every year in a couple’s marriage is worth celebrating.

Baby shower 

Celebrate the arrival of your baby when you throw a baby shower with your family and friends! LOL Calgary has a plethora of baby shower souvenir ideas you can pick. From baby bottle souvenirs to a crib-inspired mini basket of goodies, our shop has all the options you can consider. 

Bridal shower

Make your final day as a single woman last when you party all night with your girlfriends. Make sure they remember this special day when you give them fantastic party favours from LOL Calgary. 

One of the most popular souvenirs our customers have picked is the mani-pedi jar which contains nail polish, cuticle remover, acetone and nail brush. This is a good option if you want a slumber party style bridal shower since it’s relaxing and allows you to share stories with your friends.

Engagement parties

Remember this special day in your life when you provide engagement party favours to your guests. For engagement party souvenirs, we tend to be more playful because it’s the time where two families of the couple come together to celebrate their union. During this, a lot of our clients pick the mini champagne bottles to treat themselves to a refreshing drink while on their way home from the party.