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LOL Calgary: Celebrate your birthday with us!

Celebrate your special day with us and add a refreshing fun twist to your birthday party! Here at LOL Calgary, we’ll make sure to give you an amazing birthday celebration filled with the most awesome activities. There is no end to fun here at our family entertainment centre. Discover our recipe for the best and most unforgettable birthday celebration. 

Recipe for the best birthday party

Having trouble cooking up the best birthday party for your kid? No need to worry, we got your back! Here at LOL Calgary, we offer all the essentials for the best birthday party. Our staff are masters of fun and they can create the perfect atmosphere for an exciting birthday celebration. 

Moreover, we have the best environment for birthdays filled with exciting activities and amenities that you can enjoy for an unforgettable celebration. Make your birthday even more special through this checklist. Here’s our recipe for the best and most unforgettable birthday party: 

Ingredient #1: Amazing venue

You can’t have the best birthday party without an amazing venue! This is where the fun happens so you need to make sure that you rent the best venue to celebrate your special day. Here at LOL Calgary, we offer our spacious centre filled with awesome activities that you can enjoy as you celebrate your birthday with friends and family. Check out our checklist on what makes an awesome party venue!

  • Cost

The first thing to consider is the price of the venue. You need to make sure that it is within your budget. Check whether the prices are reasonable and within the expected range. Here at LOL Calgary, we offer a venue that is not just awesome, but also affordable. There is no need to go overboard with prices when you can have the best for less! 

  • Number of guests

When picking your venue you need to consider how many guests will be attending. If you have a short guest list, it is better to rent out a smaller place. This is because you wouldn’t want your birthday party to seem empty by having too much space.

For those with a long list of guests, you should opt for a larger venue to accommodate everyone comfortably. Come and celebrate your day with us. Here at LOL Calgary, we offer both small and large venues for your party needs! However long and short your guest list is, we have the perfect place for you to celebrate your special day. 

  • Age of guests

Consider what kind of place your guests would enjoy. If they are young, then it is better to hold your parties in entertainment centres with lots of exciting activities. You should also make sure that the place is safe for kids. Indoor playgrounds like LOL Calgary are the perfect example of these kinds of venues. 

Moreover, we don’t let the adults out of the fun. Here at our entertainment centre, we offer amenities that even adults and teens can enjoy! There are various activities that you can do in our arcade, 5D cinema, bowling alley, and a mini-golf course. 

  • Party venue day and time

Secure a date and make sure that the venue is open at your desired hours. Ask the staff until what time the venue is open to make sure that your parity is within the store hours. You can also ask the management about their time limit for parties. 

Here at LOL Calgary, our time is flexible to your party needs. We offer up to 4 hours of party time to give you extended hours of fun! You can even ask for extra hours if you want to keep the ball rolling at your party. Visit our website for more information about our schedule and fees for extension. 

  • Party activities

Think about what you want to do at your party. What kinds of activities would you and your guests enjoy? If you’re up for something thrilling and fun, LOL Calgary is the perfect venue for you! We offer different activities that range from mini-golf to an amazing cinematic experience at our 5D cinema. Visit our website for more information about our offered activities here at LOL Calgary. 

  • Party venue rules and regulations

Make sure to check the rules and regulations of your venue. See if they allow decorations and different party paraphernalia in their halls. You can decide whether their regulations are reasonable for you and won’t hinder you in having the best time at your party. 

Ingredient #2: Fun activities

No birthday party is fun without awesome activities to keep the guests moving! Here at LOL Calgary, we offer the best activities that range from bowling to mini-golf. Moreover, there is no age limit on who gets to have fun at our entertainment centre. Here’s what makes a fun party activity:

  • Everyone can participate

It’s not a party if some guests are left out. Make sure that the activity you choose is appropriate and enjoyable for everyone 

  • It must be thrilling

No party deserves to be boring. Make sure that your party is thrilling for everyone by choosing activities that require your guests to be active. 

Here at LOL Calgary, we offer activities that will keep everyone moving and buzzing with excitement. If that isn’t thrilling enough, we also have a 5D cinema where you can enjoy a whole new side of reality! Come and celebrate your birthday with us and feel the thrill in our awesome party activities. 

  • The more the merrier

A fun activity is good, but several exciting activities are even better! Make sure that you prepare not just one, but plenty of fun activities that you and your guests can enjoy. Here at LOL Calgary, we offer countless fun activities for you and your friends. Check out our list of amenities and activities below!

  • Indoor playground
  • Arcade
  • Mini golf
  • Bowling
  • 5D cinema ride
  • 9D eggshell ride

Ingredient #3: Engaging host

The presence and voice of one or two people can change the course of your birthday party. Make sure that you hire the most engaging emcees for your special day. Here at LOL Calgary, we have people at our arsenal who can offer their talent in entertaining guests and keeping the party on a roll. 

Our party hosts are not just engaging, they are also supremely talented in keeping the guests hooked with fun games. Moreover, they can keep the fun in the room with their amazing stage personas. Keep your guests hooked and entertained by booking our hosting services now! 

Ingredient #4: Mouthwatering food

No birthday party is ever complete without an amazing food selection. Make sure that you and your guests can enjoy your birthday celebration by preparing the delicious birthday dishes. Here at LOL Calgary, we offer the best selection of food and drink menu to help make your birthday extra special. 

Let us cater to your needs and serve you a delicious meal. Choose from our wide range of cuisine and food ideas for your special celebration. To help you make the best choice, we have rounded up the things you need to consider when planning for your birthday menu. Check out our list below: 

  • Know your guest’s demographics

Find out the essential profile details about your guests to help you decide on what food you want to be served on your birthday. Check out whether their religion forbids them to eat certain foods, or ask them if they are allergic to anything. You wouldn’t want any hospital trips on your special day, so it helps to be extra careful when selecting your food menu. 

  • Take note of your guests’ age

Make sure that the food you choose is appropriate for the age of your guests. Knowing their age group can help you decide on the best kinds of food for them to enjoy. If your guests are kids, you need to pack your menu with sweets and child-friendly meals. 

  • Give attendees a choice

Rule of the thumb when selecting a menu for your party is to give your guests at least two or three choices for their meal. You can serve various entrée dishes so your guests can take it upon themselves to choose which one they like better. It is also important to include a variety of condiments along with the main dish. 

  • Make your party menu seasonal

When planning for your birthday menu, make sure that the dishes you choose complements the time of the year. If your event is held in summer, your guests will enjoy cold foods like ice cream and watermelons, whereas if your event is held in winter, they may want warmer dishes. Take note of the favourites for that time. The best example is pumpkin pie during the autumn season. 

  • Coordinate meals with event timing

You wouldn’t want to serve finger foods to a bunch of hungry guests just like how it is unsavoury to serve heavy meals after lunchtime. Make sure that your food fits the schedule for your party. If you have your party set after lunch, light foods and snacks should be enough.