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LOL Calgary: Fun for all ages!

Welcome to LOL Calgary! Get ready to have the most amazing time of your life with your family and friends. This is where the fun begins. Come join us and satisfy your fun-loving side. Discover more about us and what we do right here at LOL Calgary. 

Fun for all ages

Here at LOL Calgary, everyone deserves to have fun! Bring out your inner child and enjoy our amazing amenities and activities. The best thing about our family entertainment centre is that we offer activities that all ages can enjoy. These amenities include the following: 

  • Amenity #1: Two indoor playground

We have not one, but two indoor playgrounds that both adults and children can enjoy. They create a safe space for children to play without the risk of hurting themselves while having fun. It is the perfect place for families to relax and enjoy a day together. Plus, the hygienic and controlled nature of our indoor playground makes it the perfect place to create a positive playing and learning environment for your child. 

  • Amenity #2: Arcade

LOL Calgary has some awesome interactive and fun games for you and your family to enjoy. Here at our arcade, we have the perfect family-oriented games to help you create collective, happy memories together. 

You can either enjoy a nostalgic arcade game with your friends or experience new kinds of fun with our new machines. There is truly no end to fun here at LOL Calgary. Visit our entertainment centre now and go on your next adventure with us!

  • Amenity #3: Mini-golf

There is no activity more exciting than a mini-golf! If you love showing off your good aim and skills in golfing, this activity is definitely made for you. You can invite your family and friends and compete on who gets to score the most par. 

We even have a theme for every golf course to give you a better experience in our mini golf field. You can rent our golf equipment at the front desk of our store. If you’re celebrating an event at our entertainment centre, then you can enjoy these amenities for free! 

  • Amenity #4: Bowling

Time to test out your bowling skills and show everyone your lucky strike! Here at LOL Calgary, we offer a bowling alley that you and your family can enjoy together. Compete on who gets to have the most number of strikes and treat yourselves to a fun and exciting time. 

  • Amenity #5: 5D cinema ride

Here at LOL Calgary, we offer the best virtual reality simulator to give you an amazing ride right at the comfort of our cinema. Feel every bump and turn at our 5D cineplex and experience a different side of reality!